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Treachery's Devotion by Mari Carr and Lila Dubois

Mari Carr & Lila Dubois
Treachery's Devotion
The Masters' Admiralty Book 1 Release
Date Nov.13, 2017

A warrior with everything to prove. Tristan Knight has served the Admiral of England since he was a teenager. As a knight he has pledged his life to protect the Masters’ Admiralty, and when he’s assigned to escort an archaeologist on a research trip he knows the menial task is punishment for the failure of his last mission. A woman in a gilded cage. Sophia Starabba is a brilliant scholar and accomplished law enforcement officer, working for Italy’s cultural heritage protection department. But none of that matters to her family or the other members of the territory of Rome. To them she’s the “Principessa”- daughter of the Admiral. The man who holds the key. James Rathmann lives for mysteries. In another life he would have been a detective, but a love for digging in the dirt made him an archaeologist. Now one of the world’s leading experts on coins, and curator at the British Museum, he’s been called to Rome to examine a recent discovery. An old enemy back from the dead. Among the coins they find something alarming—a message from a villain everyone had assumed was long dead. Tristan leads them on the trail to identify and protect the next potential target and possibly discover the identity of the Domino, a killer and anarchist who plagued the Masters’ Admiralty in the past. But the Domino isn’t dead, and together James, Sophia and Tristan will fight to stay alive and one step ahead of a killer who will do anything to destroy the Masters’ Admiralty.


Sophia tried, and failed, not to react to the words. She’d already acted like a silly damsel in distress when the fleet admiral was first shot. She’d hidden behind Tristan like a coward.
She would not let this murderer’s word affect her.
She shrugged lightly, looking down her nose at him. “I am not dead.”
“You will be, Princess.”
Her breath caught for a moment at that. He recognized her. Knew her.
“Is he a member?” she asked Mateo.
“No, ma’am.”
“Are you certain?”
“Scared you, didn’t I? I know all about you. All of you.” The Domino’s crazed gaze transferred to Tristan. “You, the knight who shouldn’t be. You’re only a knight out of pity. You’re not worthy.”
Sophia reached out to take Tristan’s hand, wanting to reassure him. He didn’t return the gesture, and she dropped her fingers back to rest against herleg.
The Domino’s gaze flicked to James. “You’re the shame of your family. A savage pretending to be a man.”
“An insult based on my ethnicity, how original,” James drawled.
The Domino blinked in surprise. Whatever cruel spell he’d been weaving with his words disappeared under James’s utter lack of concern.
Tristan snorted out a laugh. Sophia forced herself to laugh lightly and shake her head, her hair falling around her shoulders. It was a lighthearted gesture, and she hoped it would make him think she was utterly unconcerned about him.
“What is his name?” Sophia asked Mateo.
“I am the one you call Domino. I am the one who—”
Mateo cut him off. “We’re running facial recognition now.”
Again, the Domino looked peeved.
Sophia noticed that his gaze kept returning to her. She carefully didn’t look at him. “Did you tell him that he failed?”
Mateo raised one brow in question. Then his gaze hardened and he gave her a slight nod, before saying, “No, ma’am.”
“He is dying if he is not already dead.”
“Didn’t you tell him that our leader was wearing body armor?” Sophia asked.
“Lies. Lies!” The Domino was practically frothing at the mouth.
“No, I was enjoying his rant about how we are going to burn at the stake like witches. Or something.”
“He will die. He’s been dying for a year.” Now the Domino’s voice was full of menace, and spit flicked from his lips as he spoke. “The poison eating away at his body. If even a drop of the toxin touched his skin, there will be no saving him. No way to stop the reaction of the poison already in him.”
Sophia couldn’t stop herself from reacting to that. She sucked in air.
The Domino threw his head back, careless of the gun pressed into his skull, and laughed like the madman he was.
Mateo pointed at two men with his free hand. They started up the stairs.
“How were you poisoning him?” Mateo snapped.
The Domino only grinned, and kept on grinning when Mateo slammed the butt of his gun against the Domino’s shoulder.
“I will break your collarbone if I have to. And then I’ll break every other bone in your body.”
“I will never tell you.”
“Do you all drink the same water?” Sophia asked. “You all might be in danger.”
The Domino grinned, but there was no sparkle of happy malice in his eyes.
“Food?” she asked again, watching the Domino out of the corner of her eye. No reaction.
“Is he taking anything for his arthritis?” James asked.
The Domino’s smile wavered for a moment, and then he chortled, “You’ll never find the poison. You are socialist fools who will not be allowedto—”
“It’s the medicine,” Sophia said.
Two more guards ran up the stairs.
“It’s too late!” the Domino snarled. “Too late!”
Mateo reached down and hauled him up by one arm. “You will tell me everything I want to know, in time.”
“He will die. He will die!”
He’s already dead, and the repercussions will last a lifetime.

About the Authors:

Mari Carr Writing a book was number one on Mari Carr’s bucket list and on her thirty-fourth birthday, she set out to see that goal achieved. Too many years later, her computer is jammed full of stories, novels, novellas, short stories and dead-ends and she has nearly eighty published works. Virginia native, Mari Carr is a New York Times and USA TODAY bestseller of contemporary erotic romance novels. With over one million copies of her books sold, Mari was the winner of the Romance Writers of America’s Passionate Plume award for her novella, Erotic Research. Join her newsletter so you don’t miss new releases and for exclusive subscriber-only content.

Lila is a top selling author of paranormal, fantasy and contemporary erotic romance. Having spent extensive time in France, Egypt, Turkey, England and Ireland Lila speaks five languages, none of them (including English) fluently. She now lives in Los Angeles with a cute Irishman. Lila loves to hear from fans! Send an email to author AT or join her newsletter for contests, deleted scenes, articles, and release notifications.


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