The Harvest by Merci L McKinley

They Say 
By Merci L. McKinley 

They say this and that, but it is muffled
I continue to seek the need to speak
Their words are not piercing it is mumbled
Yet what I say, encourages others to seek

They say plenty of things that is not making sense
Trying to be loud and seen but still not heard
Speaking meaningless things in certain pretense
Little do they know what they say is most certainly absurd

They say this and that but it’s worth a penny with a hole in it
I continue to seek the need to speak
Their words slowly fading for it is pure nonsense
Yet what I say continues to nourish the weak. (c) 

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Merci McKinley is a living testimony to overcoming the odds.  She’s an author, a veteran and a survivor of domestic abuse and military sexual trauma.  She’s an advocate who raises her voice on behalf of those who can’t speak, who don’t know there’s a way out and for those who can’t bear another day of abuse.  Ms. Merci McKinley is not only their voice, but their armor bearer and a source of unending hope!
This stellar product of Prince George’s County, Maryland, has traveled the world in the fight for freedom as a United States soldier.  Yet, in defending the liberty and rights of fellow countrymen and women, she had to fight hardest for her own.  In battles that would have defeated lesser individuals, Merci triumphed through the Grace of God and the steely strength that makes her unstoppable!  After being medically retired from the Army, Ms. McKinley launched her advocacy as an Author, Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker.  It’s no surprise she holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Science!
In the short time Merci has been published, the accolades are adding up.  In addition to being a contributor to the #1 Bestseller SILENT NO MORE, Ms. McKinley has become a top author in her own right with her titles THE HARVEST and LYRICAL INTERVENTION.  To learn more of Ms. Merci McKinley, survivor extraordinaire, you may visit her website at or contact via email at Just know

that once you read a Merci McKinley book, your life never be the same!