All About the Dick by Lex Martin and Leslie McAdam


He's the sinfully sexy, off-limits client whose naughty blog showcases his best "asset." His prim and proper attorney has never been more tempted to mix business with pleasure... All About the D is a sexy new romantic comedy from USA Today bestselling author Lex Martin and bestselling author Leslie McAdam! 

I'm known for being formal. Meticulous. Professional. 

So you’d never suspect I spend my nights photographing my impressive junk for a NSFW blog. Don’t roll your eyes. I’m not bragging. I have millions of followers who’ll tell you they live for my posts. 

I’m like a superhero, saving humanity one dick pic at a time. 

Except leading a double life means I need someone to help me protect my anonymity, so that no one, especially my family, ever discovers my online celebrity. 

When I call one of the most respected law firms in town, I expect quality legal advice and confidentiality. Not a sinfully sexy attorney whose dangerous curves and soul-piercing gray eyes make me want to personally demonstrate my particular skill set. 

I shouldn’t be tempted. 

Especially when she knows all of my best-kept secrets. But everyone has a breaking point. And I’ve met mine. 

*** All About the D is a full-length standalone and FREE on Kindle Unlimited. Due to adult situations and sexual content, it's recommended for readers over the age of 18. ***

Josh needs a lawyer, a secret lawyer that isn't involved with his family. When he reaches out to Evie's office, he is hoping he doesn't get an old man, but the woman on the other end isn't what he expected either. But, fingers crossed she can do her job and save his a$$ in the process. When he meets her, he knows it's trouble, but he needs her in more ways than one. Christ! Now what is he going to do? What about his Ex- fiancee that his family that keeps pushing her on him. Things get mucked up, but he won't give up Evie. No matter what, it just feels right. But how does she feel? 

Evie isn't prepared for the man running the #AATD blog. Yes, he's got a nice Space Needle, but what about the rest of him? Oh hell, he's hot all over. Christ! This just made her job 110% harder. There is an instant connection between the two of them. A connection their neither can deny or want too. But what about the lawyers code, no sleeping with clients, she could be disbarred. What if this is her only chance? UGH! Why is everything so complicated! 

Things heat up and almost catch them both on fire. Evie and Josh are they meant to be? Or with the universe smack them both down? Only time will tell.

This was a great book. I enjoyed it from the beginning to the bitter end. I didn't want it to end. This is a HEA, no cliff hangers. There is some steamy scenes and some amazing fights. But what good relationship isn't fulled by fire in the bed and out of it? Pick this book up for your beach vacation. Yeah, this is a great sun bathing book!!