1462 by KC Becker


Behind the doors of Club 1462 is an erotic world Jessie Hayes could never have imagined. Steeped in the illicit world of BDSM, she finds something she never would have expected...Silas. The BDSM scene is new to Jessie, but with the provocative promise of awakening her long stale sexuality, her eyes are opened to a whole new, amazing world. 
A romance unlike anything she has ever experienced, or could possibly have dreamed sends her headlong into a world of eroticism and passion. Welcome to Club 1462, where Club membership opens the door to your wildest erotic romance yet.

5 Stars

Let me catch my breath and change my panties!
If you like BDSM, an Alpha male who is not a control freak and a realistic female this is the book for you.  The scenes are steamy and will make you melt.  The characters are ones you can relate with.

We all have the one female friend who came into her beauty/power late in life, a late bloomer.  Jessie is one of those.  She is unsure of her power over herself and the men around her.  Jessie is tired of the same guy over and over again.  She needs a change and with the help of her gay roommate, she takes a plunge into the BDSM world.  Its there that she meets Bishop.  A man of few worlds, but with his own power.  Her life is on a man drought, but then next thing she knows it's raining men and she can't keep up with all the attention.

Silas is the gatekeeper of 1462.  He tests Jessie, to see if she has the guts to be a submissive.  It's also when he realizes that things are shifting in his life and he can't control it.  His need for Jessie is greater than showing his dominance to her.   Silas doesn't want to share her, he wants his collar on her.  His cock in her.  MINE.  Is all he can think when he see's her.  No one will give her an orgasm, only he will.

There were some editing issues, that need cleaned up.  Missing " " here and there, but nothing major.  No missing words or anything ground breaking like that.  This is a cliff hanger, book #2 is out.  I will be picking that up tonight for my enjoyment.  And then I will be looking for a BDSM club and my own SILAS!!

Applications can be emailed to Garnet1377@gmail.com
Be warned I will try to top you.