The Playground by Phoebe Alexander


As a teacher, I'm used to being on the playground. But I never thought I'd be the one swinging.

I'm also a wife and mother, struggling to maintain status quo. My sons just left for college and I suddenly realize how far apart my husband and I have grown... I feel like a damn cliché. Then the teacher down the hall with questionable morals introduces me to her friends. They’re all swingers.

What the WHAT?!

It’s all fun and games until your sex swing breaks. Haha, no really, so far it seems like all fun and games. It could be the answer to what’s missing in my life...or maybe I’m just not asking the right questions?

4 Stars

Journey is alone in her marriage. Her boys are off at college, forging their life, Rob, her husband he's at work. And then there is Journey, still craving the desire and love from her husband, who is like her roommate. She has needs he is not able to meet and she is tired of being rejected. A girl can only take so much before she dies of loneliness. Enter the teachers and their swinger lifestyle. This is exactly what Journey needs in her life. A little side action, without the main course of commitment. And so begins Journey's foray into the swinging lifestyle.

Her first partner, John is everything she needs. Gentle, yet stimulating. Only she is falling over an edge with him. She doesn't want to share him. The life she built is falling down around her when she finds her husband has secrets too. Friendship and relationships are tested to the max. Journey needs to figure out what she wants in life. Does she want to be married to Rob? Or does she want to swing? Or can she have her cake and eat it too?

The story is good, you get to know Journey and the lifestyle, her relationship with Rob and her mom. There were parts that I skimmed. 

I felt empowered by Journey and the fact that she went after what she needed. Her husband wasn't giving it to her - literally, so she grabbed the bull by the horns. I'm proud of her. Proud of her transformation and her ability to adapt and change her situation and the environment around her.