No Regrets by Aimee Noalane


Someone once told me to never live with regrets.
I tried.
In every piercing look, I saw the truth. 
In every heartwarming smile, I found a friend.
With every kiss, I fell in love.
In every heartbreaking lie, I learned forgiveness.
In every shattering mistake, I achieved redemption.
With every moment of hate, I gained strength. 
Every moment became a memory I will cherish forever.
But what if my One Regret
is being One Second too late?

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About the Author

Aimee Noalane

Taking care of children is Aimee Noalane’s vocation. Reading is her passion. Writing is her new adventure. She is a wife, mother, foster parent, friend, and Canadian author. 
Chocolate and candy are her devilish addiction, but if you’re really sweet she might agree to share some with you.