Distraction by Emily Snow


At the ripe old age of twenty-eight, Jamie Armstrong is sick of douchebags like the PA who told her she has an “ass made for screwing” on the first date. She wants commitment, and she’s got a list that she’s anxious to check off.
Baby (preferably twins, because two’s company).
Then she meets Mateo Bailon.
An attorney with a penchant for chains and kink, Mateo isn’t looking for commitment and he sure as hell doesn’t want marriage. Not again. He wants a distraction—a new way to forget his past—and Jamie’s his favorite kind of drug.
He just never counted on getting addicted

4 Stars

This book picks up right where Friction left off, only with Jamie, Lucy's BFF and Mateo Bailon, The King Swing.

Mateo can only offer Jamie a distraction, not love. At the moment that is good enough for Jamie. Bailon captures her mind and heart. But that's not what he promised. He only promised her a good time, nothing more and nothing less. Can he keep up his end of the bargain? Jamie deserves so much more than he can offer her. She wants the picket fence, husband, 2.5 kids, a dog, the American Dream. He can offer her mind blowing sex. 

Mateo is fighting his own demons, that Jamie doesn't know about. He is closed off from her and everyone else. But when push comes to shove, will he realize that Jamie is not someone he needs to protect, she is someone who will stand beside him as an equal. 

This was a quick read because you want to know how this will end. Will Mateo break her? Will Jamie break him? 

I enjoyed this story and how everything blossoms. The characters are well written, even the supporting characters. No one is lost.  
I hope there is more with this series and characters.
Emily Snow writes an amazing story about characters
that are your friends.