Deceit in Bloom by Jennifer Michael


Cautionary tales don’t usually have happy endings…
Raised in foster care. The sister of a whore. The fool who fell for the wrong guy. 
Paisley James is all too aware that sometimes fairy tales just don’t exist.
There is no telling where hearts belong or loyalties lie when deceit is in bloom.

Author Note: Deceit in Bloom is book one of a series and ends in a BIG, dramatic cliffhanger (No joke). The story continues in book two, Vengeance in Bloom.

4.5 Stars
Holy $hit! Holy $hit!  I was not adequately prepared for this book.  Especially emotionally.  UGH!  I'm gutted and ruined after reading this GEM of a book.  I freaking loved it.

The ending, the story, the everything. Yes, I'll be buying book #2 - Don't judge me, just read the book and see if you can sleep not knowing the truth! I triple dog dare you.

Paisley and Braelyn are foster kids, who ran away. They are making their own way in the world. Brae on her back and Paisley waitressing. Paisley tags along to a house party, that Brae is going too. From there things erratic. Burke feels the need to save Paisley, Brae warns Paisley to stay away from Burke if she is smart and then the downward spiral begins, pulling everyone into the depth of uncertainty.

Burke doesn't know what's going on with him when it comes to Paisley. He's not boyfriend material, he's wham bam and moves on kind of guy. When she harassed alongside his sister, Teagan, Burke pulls no punches and steps into protect Paisley. Did he over step? Did he leap without looking? Is Paisley nothing more than the whore he accused her off when they first met?