Daddy's Sweet Girl by Stasia Black


When Mom told me she was getting married again and moving her new husband and his twenty-four year old son in with us, I thought I’d just have to spend as much time as possible studying in the campus library to avoid all of them. 

I certainly never expected to learn that the marriage was simply a mutually beneficial arrangement for my mom and new stepfather, Mr. Winters. They don’t actually have feelings toward each other. I also didn’t expect him and my stepbrother, Dominick, to be such handsome, Viking-like men. Or for them to take such an interest in me. 

Now at the age of 19, I suddenly find I have the family I’ve always wanted. As we all grow closer, though, lines start to blur. When Daddy and big brother start pushing those boundaries even further, will I be ready? 

Intended for mature audiences only. Contains dark, taboo themes and dubious consent.

4 Stars

Sarah has a new family now, thanks to her family name. She wants to like her new Dad and Step-Brother, but she is unsure. They eventually fall into a routine, the three of them, because mom - well, she's not part of the family, like Daddy, Dom, & Sarah are. They are hard to read, are they teasing her or flirting with her. Soon she finds out, it's not teasing, but a desire to have her, to share her between them, to own and possess her. No one prepared her for what would happen her first time with Daddy and Dom.

The happiness floor drops out from under Sarah's feet and reality sets in. She walks away from her family, her new Daddy, step-brother, and mother. Sarah needs time to heal and process what happened to her. Tragedy brings her home, only to see her mother again and a glimpse of Dom. Can he make it all better? Or with the circle continue?

This is a quick read. I was a little put off with some of Mr. Winter's actions and words. Dom, on the other hand, was a victim of circumstance just like Sarah. Those two were put between a rock and a hard place by Daddy and Mother. In some places, it was a hard story to read and then in other places I had hope. I blew through this book because I wanted/needed to know what was really going on. I thought drugs, I thought controlling kink, I thought so much, but the truth and when that hit me it was a like a punch in the gut! I was NOT expecting that at all.