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Today is 5 questions with Anna Adler, author of Hers, Untamed and His Hostage: A Kidnap Romance.  The book Hers, Untamed is set to release May 31st!  I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this book and loved it.  Her, Untamed is a SciFi Romance, with an HEA ending.  

1.       Best advice you were ever given - book related or not?

Best book-related advice ever: The first draft doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, the first draft can be rubbishy drivel with gaping holes in the narrative, it doesn’t matter as long as you get it written. I used to be terribly prone to writer’s block because I tried to write perfect first drafts. Disaster. Disaster. Disaster. Don’t try to be perfect on the first round, just write down the rough story and edit it into shape afterward!

Best general advice: Just be yourself. :D

2.       What are you currently reading?

Will Save the Galaxy for Food by Yahtzee Crowshaw. It’s a humorous scifi adventure about an unemployed space pilot. I love anything by Yahtzee Crowshaw because he makes me laugh.

3.       What inspired you to become a writer?

I always loved a good story. It didn’t matter if it was a book, a movie or a video game, if it had a compelling plot I wanted to get sucked into it. I realized I wanted to write the same kind of fast-paced stories that I enjoyed—with added romance and steam. I’ve been scribbling on and off since my teenage years. I always secretly wanted to be an author, but I’m also a big chicken, so my hobby writing didn’t turn into anything for the longest time. In 2016 I finally got over myself and published my first novel.

4.       What did you edit out of your book Hers, Untamed?

What a good question! I edited out the original final chapter. The early version of the book ended with a Lucia POV chapter, but my first three beta readers voted unanimously against it. They felt it weakened the ending, they wanted the book to be only about Alyssa and Jax, so I dropped the extra chapter from the end. Thank goodness for beta readers, they always give such good advice!
I also cut out one sex scene because there’s a LOT of sex in this book even without it.

5.       What do you do to get book reviews?

Mostly I just keep my fingers crossed that my wonderful readers leave reviews behind. I don’t really stress over reviews. I love interacting with book bloggers though, so I keep an eye out for good-looking romance blogs. If I come across a cool blog and the owner seems like they might enjoy my books, I contact them.
I also have an ARC team in the making! I just now fired up a newsletter on my website where my subscribers can get free copies of my books.

Thank you so much for the great questions, Amy, this was fun!


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