Steps in posting about a book...

Good morning!  Did you ever wonder how a blog post it put together?  I'm sure you haven't, but humor me anyhow.   As a blogger, I receive a lot of email regarding up coming book tours, releases, cover reveals, giveaways, etc.  Rarely do I turn anyone away, unless it doesn't fit with my over all feel and theme of my blog.

Once I receive an email, I check the dates against my Calendar, just to make sure I have room.  Some days I'm really booked and some days I'm not.  It's just the luck of the draw, I guess.

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Usually I'm given several options for how I want to help the author or promo business out.  I can select if I want to host Teasers for Teaser Tuesday - Um yeah!  I love doing teasers.  Cover Reveal, yeah, because I'm nosy and I want to be the first to see the book cover.  Frankly the cover lures me in first, then the blurb, ok enough about that back to the task at hand!!  Do I want an ARC?  Maybe.  Let me check my list of ARC's I need to read.  Yes, I'd love of an ARC or all the books that come across my email, but I'm not Wonder Woman!  I can't get through them all.  *SIGH*  If only I had more time in my day.  Giveaway?  Possibly.  What is all entailed with that one?  Author interview - yes!  These are my favorites.  It's always nice to pick an author's brain and ask some questions.  

After all that is done, I adjust my calendar and send back my responses.  Then I wait until I receive the packet.  HTML is preferred, but I can and will create my own post.  Let's face it some of my Indie authors are doing this alone and I'm just flattered they thought of me in their quest to announce their book to the entire world.  

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Ah, the packet has arrived a few days, weeks, months later.  Some times there is a hold up and sometimes I'm surprised with an early release.  Next comes the magic, ok, not really just come cut and pasting onto the blog.  See if I need to schedule the blog post for a future date or if I can let it rip today.  For a cover reveal, I will adjust the cover reveal for my Facebook page, don't want to give it to  you right away, I want you to salivate and visit my blog.  Check out what other amazing things I'm offering you.  Cause I offer a lot.  Really I do!  No I do!  Seriously, go look. 

Now my blog is updated and I can update my Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram.  My blog automatically updates my G+ profile.  Thank goodness for that.   Then I need to copy over the  Permalink, pictures, and snippet to FB, Twitter, and Instagram.  It's all the little things that go into running the blog, the behind the scenes that eat up the time.  I will post the blog post within several of the groups I'm in, hoping to help spread the world.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  I want your book to succeed, my job is to help that happen.  And I truly hope that I am helping!

Drop me a line if you ever need my blog for help.