Seeing White by Charlotte Hart

Shattered, that's how I feel. Totally and completely Shattered. I need to read book #2 and see what happens. So yeah, it's a great book, that I'm not addicted to. 

Alex White; alpha, multimillionaire, hustler, tycoon, demi-god, street-wise, etcetera, etcetera. He see's Beth Scott and has to have her, at any cost. He was warned to play nice with Beth and not F*ck things up. And for awhile, he is good. Oh, he is so good, everyone loves Mr. White. Even Beth. But that all crumples down when Alex see's Beth with a rival. 
Beth is a chef, she isn't a people person, so when she meets Mr. White and dumps cake on his lap she is mortified. When he asks for a date, she is perplexed. Apparently she's been doing this dating thing all wrong. Then she tumbles into bed with Mr. White and holy h3ll, she's wide awake. Her life has been a dream, now she is living her life, in his bed.

Things come to a grinding halt when he leaves her a note. Declaring his intentions and that she isn't part of them - that b@stard! My heart broke and shattered. I thought things were moving along nicely. And then bam brick f*cking wall.

There were parts that I did skip. Parts that were long in the tooth and needed chopped down. Yeah so your book is 400+ pages, that doesn't mean crap. You could have a 250+ page book that is amazballs. It's all about context and plot. 

The connection between Beth and Alex were electrifying. I loved the banter. But I did not enjoy Mr. White's temper with Beth. I wish there was better communication between them, for a while things were great and we were steaming right along and then brick wall. That leads up to book #2 and seeing where it goes from there. Oh I'm in baby!! I'm in like Flint!!
Bring on book #2!!!!