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National Grilled Cheese Day!

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I know, I know, this has nothing to do with books.  But for me it does!  On rainy days, my grandma, who installed the book bug into my system, would make me a grilled cheese for lunch.  Off I'd go to my cubby to eat my grilled cheese and read my book.  Those were the days!

The way I make a grilled cheese compared to my Gram, is way different!  She used to use the orange non-cheese.  I use cheddar and Gouda.

My version of a grilled cheese

crusty bread
cheddar cheese
Gouda cheese

preheat your griddle to 300 
butter your crusty bread
put cheese down on one side of the non-buttered crust
butter top crust 
let brown

When you are done you have a garlic bread grilled cheese!  YUMMY!!

I'd post a picture but I ate mine before I could get my camera out.  The way to my heart is a grilled cheese and a good book.  Nothing better!! Ok, maybe some other things, but I'm still a kid at heart who remembers the good old days with my Gram!

Which reminds me, what are you currently reading?

I'm currently in between books at the moment.  Need to write up some book reviews and then start on my next ARC.  

Have a great day and enjoy a grilled cheese today if you can!   


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