Happy Birthday!

Today my Grandma turns 83. 

She's got lots of moxy.   This is the woman who I spent summers with, learning how to cook Pennsylvania Dutch style meals and make home made pie crust, I still can't do it, but I pretend I can.  She taught me how to play the organ for church hymns.  How to do crafts and most importantly she taught me how to enjoy reading!  When we weren't cooking or trying to teach me how to sew, she was sitting on the covered porch reading. Danielle Steel or Jackie Collins!!  I remember those big hard back books she read.  

As I got older and moved on with my life, my Gram was a constant.  She has gotten feistier as the years have progressed and seems to care not what other people think of her.  She is living her life and enjoying it.  The only time I’ve seen her upset was when her husband died, but that’s another story.  I want to focus on the good with my Gram. 

Here’s a good story, I still laugh over this.  Every winter when it snowed I’d head to her house and sled with my uncles.  She had this forsythia bush at the bottom of the hill.  We’d run it over, until it was no longer upright, but at an odd angel hanging off the hill.  She’d come out, wooden spoon in her hand yelling – Stop running over my bushes!!!  We’d say ok she’d go inside and we’d be back at it again.  All day long!   Good times.