Under Her Authority by LT Shade


Sleeping with the enemy is never a good idea, especially when she’s your boss.

No one tells Shane Williams what to do. His world. His rules. Which is why he ran away from home at eighteen to pursue his dream of making a name for himself outside of small-town Georgia. Ten years later, he is one of the hottest creative directors on the east coast and the majority shareholder in a digital media firm in Charlotte. Handing over the business portion of his company to his trusted friend and business partner, and keeping his true identity as the founder a secret, has its perks. But Shane is about to find out one of its flaws.

At the expense of her relationships, Rosemary Berkowitz has always done what it takes to succeed. As a female leader in an all-boys tech field, she’s tougher than nails. She may be a sweet country girl, but underneath her innocent exterior, Rose is a boss with an iron fist. She never backs down from a challenge, and when she wants something, she goes after it full force.

No matter how sexy his smile is, the attention of a tattooed bad boy is the last thing Rose wants. After a club outing with her best friend turns into steamy night with a mysterious stranger, Rose wants nothing more than to move past her one-night stand—however amazing it was—and continue to mend her broken career. Little does Rose know that fate has other things in store for her.

5 Stars

Where to start?
I love this book.
I love the chemistry between Shane and Rose.

Rose is running from her past, hoping her future will be brighter.
She returns home for a job and a break away from her 
ex-fiance and the gossip.  
Once there she has a one night stand with an amazingly,
sexy guy. 
What she needs to do is focus on her upcoming job, 
not be sleeping around.

Shane Williams just met the woman of his dreams.
She is everything he didn't think he wanted or needed.
He can't stop thinking about her, so imagine his 
surprise when Rose is his new boss.
His BOSS!?!

The sparks fly with Rose and Shane, as she tries
to maintain a professional working environment
and Shane flirts merciless with her all day.
Eventually he will break her and she will become his.
But first they need to win a competition to keep
the company, Lambda, afloat.
Can they work together to get this done?
Or will their feelings override everything?

Shane and Rose!
He knew when to push and pursue her and when to back off.
I loved the fact that when there was miscommunication Shane cleaned it
up.  There is no guessing where Shane's heart and love lie.

I will openly admit, that I fell in love with this book on page 1.
And fell more in love as the book went.
This book is hot and steamy.
I had the gambit of emotions with this book too.
Ohhing, ahhing, some moaning and some damn I want that too
going on.  As well as heart break and wondering if this is 
right for Shane and Rose.
Do yourself a favor and pick up this book. 

This is L.T. Shade's debut novel.
Did you catch that?
Debut Novel.
If her first novel is this good, imagine what the rest will be like!!
I can't wait for more.