Dream Daddy by Emilia Beaumont


Untouched and unmarked by the world, Lola Ray is the sunshine that I never thought I needed in my life. She’s the perfect petal on a cherry blossom tree, aching to be plucked and pillaged.

I long to touch her, to make her mine. To tie her up and fuck her. I know it's wrong... she is after all my best friend's daughter.

But as I look closer, as I start to give in to temptation, I begin to see the scars she's so desperate to hide. 

They run deep. Like an abyss she cannot escape. A nightmare that never ends. Scars so raw that I’m not sure she can ever be healed. 

However there is one thing that I know has the chance to make her whole again. And I won’t stop until all her dreams come true.

3 Stars

I've read similar books to this one. Dad's friend is in love with the younger daughter, usually, the daughter is a college student and not a high school senior. But in this book, Lola Ray is on the verge of turning 18 and has the hots for her dad's work buddy, Mack. And Mack has the hots for her too. Va-Va-Voom!

The end was a totally surprise for me, I really didn't see that coming. The plot was a little shaky for me. Things just didn't line up and I kept thinking, holy crap you are digging yourself deeper into a hole. Some of the stuff Lola Ray did, I understood 100%, other things WTF came to mind.

I was not emotionally prepared for this book.  Keep in mind this is a May-December romance and something are not for everyone.  Do not judge, read the book, keep an open mind and go with the flow if you can.