Bought by Willow Winters and Lauren Landish

Everything has a price … and I’m willing to pay.
I trust no one. I thrive with control and I’ve learned to be ruthless and coldhearted. A love life? I’m not interested.
But I still have desires.
That’s where Dahlia came in; my treasure. She had never been a submissive before and I was eager to train her.
The dusting of sparkles on her dress barely hid her tempting curves. I wanted to see all of her. My d*ck was already hard at the thought of my hand leaving a bright red print across her lush ass.
When I saw her on stage at the auction, dressed in gold, I knew I had to have her.
She’s mine for an entire month. I own her. But one lie changed everything.
She’s going to be punished for it. But I’m doing this for her own good. She needs this.
I’m going to make this right. I’m going to heal her.
If it’s the last thing I do.
*Bought is a full-length standalone romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

3.5 Stars

Dahlia is struggling with her life, personally, financially, and emotionally. She needs to find a way to pay for her schooling, her mom is no help. She's a mess. Then her BFF lays a big one on her, revealing that she is part of a BDSM club and that Dah should join, get auctioned off, make some money and live a little. Dahlia does it, she needs the money. 

Lucian Stone, playboy, CEO, is heading back to the club after a much needed break, thanks to his ex-wife, Tricia. At the auction, he bids on Dahlia. A novice, who he wants/needs to teach. She is perfect! His past haunts him and he isn't sure how to proceed with Dahlia. Lines get blurred and emotions run high. Can the come to equal grounds before the contract is up? And what about Dahlia's past that threatens her future?

I enjoyed this book, from page one. My only issue was Dahlia, I know she had trauma in her past and couldn't get over it. She's so painfully shy about everything, I felt terrible for her. But it was hard for me to like her or even care, because she didn't seem to care about fixing herself.

Lucian on the other hand, was all about fixing her, even before he knew how messed up she really was. He never once left her, it was Dahlia who left, it was Dahlia who had all these thoughts that she couldn't vocalize. He can't help, if you don't speak up.

There were things I wanted to know that weren't answered. What happened to Tricia's book deal? What's going on with Isaac - I hope the next book answers that question. Is Carla and Dahlia's boss really Madame Lynn?