The Sex Bucket List by Prescott Lane

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Emerson’s a sexy mom of three.
And if you call her a MILF, I’ll kick your ass.
She’s got a sex “to do” list, and I’m just the man to help her check some things off.
But this isn’t my story. It’s hers.
Unfortunately for me, her story involves an ex-husband, a kid that hates me, and a pretty nice shot to my nuts. She’s a woman who thinks too much, always with a plan, a list, but I’ve got a list of my own.
Mateo likes to tease me that I have lists for my lists. But I didn’t hear him complaining when he stumbled upon my Sex Bucket List.
This is the story of how I brushed the cobwebs off my sex life, put myself back onto my list and not only fell in love with a younger man, but with myself, as well.
Grab a pen and make your own Sex Bucket List!

5 Stars

This book made me think, had my crying, cheering, sad, hopefully, regret, I was all over with this book. And I couldn't put it down! From the beginning, I could identify with the characters and they felt real to me. Ryan, Mateo, & Emerson could be my neighbors, co-workers or friends. 

Emerson and Ryan are divorced, their life fell into a rut and Emerson did her best to keep that dead horse walking. But eventually it all tumbles down and it's too late to repair the damage. Now Emerson and Ryan are co-parenting three children. They try to remain a unified front for the kids, but it's hard because they are both on shaky ground.

One night Emerson and her best friends make's a sex bucket list. Her hot co-worker Mateo, who is younger than her finds it and keeps him. But he makes her a promise she can't refuse - he'll help her with the list. Oh man, fan yourselves ladies! It only gets better. 

Mateo is everything Emerson needs, but is he what she wants too?
Ryan is a key to her past and her family.  But is that enough to make her start over with him?

Mateo and Emerson light up the book with their love and passion, but it's at the same time Ryan decides that he wants Emerson back. What's that saying, you don't know what you've got until it's gone. BING - FUCKING - O! Is this what Emerson wants? To start over with her family again? Or to start over with Mateo and her family? Only Emerson can decide what she wants.

Like I said before these characters are well written to the point that they could be anyone. I fell in love with Mateo from the beginning. He is just what Emerson needs and deserves. Yet a part of me felt bad for Ryan. This is a well written book that will have you wishing for more! I sure do. 

Ms. Lane, please write more books like this, it was FABULOUS!!