Seventeen Wishes by Erica Alexander


Zac may be only seventeen, but he packed a lot of living in those years. He learned to live each day as if it was the last, take each moment as if the beats of his heart are on a count down. 
He has one shot. One chance. Guilt threatens to take him down and he walks the fine line between hope and despair, but he does it with a smile on his face. He does it because of Lilly. 

Lilly is his best friend, his neighbor, his playmate and the reason Zac holds on. The girl he loves more than life itself. But both his struggles and love are unknown to her. 

When secrets turn into a life and death choice and someone can die because of them, are they still secrets or just plain lies? 

***Previously a part of Between Hearts: A Romance Anthology*** 
*Stand alone 
*Not recommended to readers younger than 17.

5 Stars

74 pages of raw emotion.

Zac's heart is a ticking time bomb. His 18th birthday is looming over his head like a death sentence. Can he hang on? He has to for Lilly. She is his entire reason for living. His reason to breath, to fight, to go on. And she is turning 17. Zac gives Lilly her present, but what he gets in return is an even better gift. 

I started this book over my lunch break but didn't end it until the next day, because I started crying in chapter 2. The next morning I picked it up and read the rest of the book. Crying in between smiling and cheering for Zac and Lilly! YEAH! Team Zac and Lilly. 

Need a heartfelt story, pick this book up. It will make you believe in soulmates and true love!! Be warned you will cry, sniffle, or whimper.