Claimed by the Viking Warriors by Lily Reynard


When Eadyth, a high-born Saxon maiden, inherits her father’s prosperous estate, her villainous uncle’s matrimonial schemes force her to take refuge in an abbey. But then her sanctuary is overrun by Viking raiders, and innocent Eadyth finds herself captive to two fierce Norse chieftains, each of them a mouth-watering specimen of handsome, virile masculinity.

Blond, earnest Hjalmar and hot, dark, bad-boy Leif are brothers in search of a new home after being unfairly banned from their own country. They’ve always shared everything -- including women. When they learn that their beautiful prisoner is an heiress, Eadyth’s captivity becomes an exercise in seduction, with the brothers competing for her hand in marriage.

The Viking pair’s amorous abilities are more than equal to their skill as warriors. As each seeks to outdo his brother in pleasuring their prospective bride, the inexperienced Eadyth soon learns that while having one superb lover is wonderful, having two of them--at the same time--provides sensual delights far beyond anything she might have imagined.

Now that she knows what she’d be missing, turning away either one of her ardent suitors seems a tragedy. But her uncle has not given up his plans to seize her property, and settling down with one of the brothers is the only way for Eadyth to regain her lands and protect her people. Can she find a solution that will preserve her estate -- and satisfy her would-be husbands?

This smoking-hot M/F/M historical romance is a standalone work (no cliffhangers) intended for mature readers.

3.5 Stars

Two brothers try to woo the same woman, onto to realize that she loves them both equally. 

Eadyth's father is gone and she is the sole heir of Haxby Hall. Her uncle takes it upon himself to make sure she is safe and sound. By marrying her to his 9 year old son. Only Eadyth is smart enough to know, this is not right and runs away. She runs to the only other family she has, but that turns out to be a bad idea too.

Then the Northmen come. One look at her and they know. They want her. Leif is a free spirit who likes to roam and war. Hjalmar, is ready to settle down, farm and have a family. Eadyth is perfect. She has a title, land, money, and passion. She is feisty... the brothers love that. They are struck by her spirit and her beauty. When one of the Northmen tries to 'help' Eadyth leave Leif and Hjalmar, all hell breaks loose getting her back. 

Can Eadyth choose? Does she have too? She loves them equally for different things. In the end she follows her heart.

This book is short - 206 pages - so it didn't take long to read. It was easy and enjoyable. I loved both Leif and Hjalmar myself, so I understand her decision. I loved how both of the brothers were willing to court her and win her hand in marriage. It showed that they cared. Frankly what they did in bed wasn't to shabby either!