A Wild Woman by Vanessa Vale


With five overbearing brothers, Piper Dare must head West to forge her own life. Her trip takes an unexpected turn when she fills in as a mail order bride for a woman she meets on the stage. 

Lane Haskins and Spur Drews are stunned by their new bride. A gun toting, foul language spewing redhead is not what they expected. But they don't mind the little wildcat. In fact, they love her instantly. 

But their match takes a decided turn and their love—and devotion—is put to a very powerful test.

4 Stars

My lunch break quickie!

I love all of Vanessa Vale's books. The women are hell cats and then men are alphas willing to go the extra mile for their woman in every measure of the sense. This story is no different. 

Spur and Lane sent away for a Mail Order Bride. Only she didn't arrive, instead, Piper did. What they don't know won't hurt them. The men still think Piper is Patricia Strong, until Piper's brother's show up making a ruckus searching for her. It's then that they learn the terrible truth, that Patricia died on the stage coach and Piper took her place. But what was done was done and Piper was bedded by Spur and Lane. The only thing to do now was to actually marry them if they will have her. 

87 pages long, so this is a hot quick read that will have you blushing and wanting more. Frankly I think I'll fill out my application for a mail order bride in Slate Springs. Two husbands sounds great, especially in bed.

My only gripe is how short the story is.  But on the plus side, there are
numerous Vanessa Vale stories to pick from and you can't go wrong with
any of them.