The Melier by Poppy Rhys and JT Wynne


Running for her life, Lucia hijacks a stolen cargo ship only to find she’s not alone. A giant alien slave with no memory of his past is now her newest acquisition and she’s not quite sure what to do with him. Stuck together for seven days on her journey back to her home planet, Lucia tries to decide whether to keep him or free him all while trying to outrun the pirates pursuing her, and her own desires.

WARNING: This story contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, some violence against women, and situations intended for mature readers.

3.5 Stars

Lucia is trapped by unfriendly aliens and needs to get away.  The fact that she is reclaiming stolen property probably has nothing to do with it, right? Her only hope is an escape pod, what she doesn't bargain for is the big blue, four armed alien who doesn't seem to know himself.  He is a mystery to her and to himself.  He has no name and no memory.  Lucia gives him a name and sets him free.  An unexpected twist has them landing on an planet that is ripe with fertility.  She needs Soren, she hungers for him, and needs him NOW.  

After arriving home, Quin shows up and demands her partnership.  Rebuffing him doesn't go well, but what does go well, her and Soren.  When push comes to shove, Soren is there to protect what is his and Loo-Sha belongs to him.  No one else.  Could this work?  Would he partner with him?  Would it work?  Were they even compatible species?

This is a quick book, that keeps you flowing and anxious to see how things go.  The world that Poppy Rhys creates is amazing, with all the other aliens and worlds.  I figured out earlier on in the book that Soren had to be a prince or something important, it's always that way.  I was curious about his brothers and how that would play out.  

The only thing I had an issue with was going to court for what happened to Lucia.  We already lived that live with Lucia, another recap seemed over done.  I didn't need to reread that and skimmed it.