Santa's Son by David S. Scott

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What do you think of when you picture elves? Could they be real? What about other fantasy beings? What about… Santa Claus?

Shawn is accustomed to living life the way he wants to. He has no responsibilities, no one to answer to. He comes and goes as he pleases, traveling the world, looking for fulfillment.

But all that is about to change…

Santa’s sick and getting old. This year, he’ll be replaced by his son. Will you be on the naughty list?

5 Stars

What if all your life you were empty? And no matter what you did it just wasn't satisfying enough? Meet Shawn, his dad is Santa Claus, yes, THE Santa Claus, only old Nick isn't doing to well, he's sick and his time is ticking out. Shawn must step in and be the new Santa to all the children around the globe. Then he finds her, Angel. His Angel. The last of their kind. Is there any hope that she will love him, like he loves her?

What a great Christmas story. This put me in the Christmas mood for sure! Sad about Santa, but happy for Shawn and Angel and the next generation that they bring with them. This is a quick story, that catches you from page one down to the last. You'll fall in love with Shawn and the reindeer.

There is sex and yes it is hot.