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My Problem with Math by Ghiselle St. James

Release Blitz

Title: My Problem With Math

Author: Ghiselle St. James

Genre: Taboo Erotica

Cover: Kari Nappi

Release: December 15th, 2016


I am a genius. Well, I should be. Hell, I was...until senior year Math. I’m not doing very well and I hope my teacher doesn’t catch on. You see, my problem with the subject isn’t algebra or quadratic equations. Oh no. My real problem with Math is my hot, handsome, tatted and utterly bangable teacher. And he’s staring right at me!

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About Author

Born and raised in Jamaica, Ghiselle was raised by a teacher for a mother and an artist for a father. Growing up, she took to writing (songs, poetry, plays), and, at age 13, wrote her first romance novel… which made her very popular with the boys. After high school, she stopped writing to focus on college and singing.
Graduating from a Seminary College (ha-ha, yes!) with a Bachelor of Social Work degree, Ghiselle found her love for writing once again, publishing her very first novel, South Row: A Comedic Romance, in March 2014. She has, since then, written two full length novels and two novellas.
Ghiselle spends her days working as a Counselor to adults she calls her children, reading, writing, singing… and talking to herself; because how else is she going to come up with banging stories for you to love?

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Twitter: @GhiselleStJames


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