Her Bastard Bridegroom by Alice Coldbreath

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Lady Linnet Cadwallader has been raised a helpless invalid in her own castle. Brought up to believe she will 'never make old bones' she lives a quiet and lonely existence, hiding away her excessive freckles and red hair from a world that believes her to be hideously misshapen and ugly.

Until one day her uncle arranges a marriage of convenience for her, a marriage in name only with a young puppet groom... but Sir Roland does not show up. In his place turns up his bastard-born brother Mason Vawdrey. And dark, forceful Mason is no-one's puppet.

Things are about to get interesting at Cadwallader Castle. And Linnet is about to discover that maybe a golden leopardess does not need to change her glorious spots.

This is a full length novel of over 80,000 words. Please do not purchase if you are offended by strong language and or sex scenes.

3.5 Stars
Lady Linnett is in need of a husband, any will do and in name only, because she is so fragile. Or at least that is what her aunt and uncle have told her. She must be covered at all time, and kept from those around her or she might get sick and expire. Oh no, how tragic!

Enter Mason Vawdrey, her betrothed's bastard brother. A battle hardened male, come to dump the toadly woman his brother is to marry. Only she isn't what the court whispers about. She looks fine, from what he can see. Mayhap she is hiding something under her wimple or her dress.

Linnett offers Mason the keys to her kingdom in exchange for a marriage. He has conditions, sons, he wants sons. A bargain is set, to the horror of her aunt and uncle, who are promptly removed. From there, Mason and Linnett fight for the love they want. It was fate that brought Mason to her door and fate that kept him there. Or maybe it was love.

This is a quick read that kept me entertained. Linnett is no shy violet, she might be naïve when it comes to people, but she has spirit. Mason is harsh, at the beginning he only wants to wed and bed her, filling her with a son and then head home to court. A place he doesn't like, but he can't stay and ruin her life. From the get go he is protecting her, from others and himself.

This book needs to be proof read and edited again. There were extra words that didn't belong and sentences that were missing quotes, etc. The story is good, the characters are great, it was a good book to read. I enjoyed it. 

The Sex that is mentioned.  At the beginning it's bland, but then 
they figure it out.  It's not over explicit.