Million Different Ways


Six long years I've been running, hiding, rejecting friendships and intimacy of any kind. Because nothing will stop them from coming after me. Of that, I'm certain. And then I met him. Powerful, broken, and so alone. Life had put us on an unavoidable collision course, one that could destroy us both...

Worlds collide when an illegal immigrant finds herself working for a wealthy American financier. Escaping a scandal that threatens to land her in prison, medical student, Vera Sava, flees to Switzerland in the hope of reinventing herself, and starting a career in medicine. Her plans derailed, she finds employment as a housekeeper, in the one place that will offer her a job without legal documents. 

Sebastian Horn is an angry man. After having lost his young wife in a terrible car accident, he's decided that life isn't worth living anymore. Crippled physically and spiritually, he spends what's left of it numbing the pain with booze and pills.

3.5 Stars

Vera is on the run and undocumented.  She needs to find work to survive and 
finds a job as a maid.  The man, Sebastian Horn is a hard man.  He lost so much
now he has no happiness.  Until he meets Vera, who turns his world 
upside down.  Can they save each other?  

Vera is a well educated character, who is running from her past.
She doesn't share or trust people.  Its hard for her to open up to Sebastian 
and tell him why she is running.  But right when she is ready to, her 
world is turned upside down.  The bottom drops out.

Sebastian is a rich ass, who was manipulated by his mom and all the 
other women around him.  He is leery of Vera, yet craves her.
She is the key to his happiness and survival.
Can she accept it?

At some parts in this book I did skim, because I didn't care about Vera's
friend or her boyfriend.  I wanted to know more about Vera and
Sebastian.  The ending was forseeable.  

Will I ready book #2?
If I can catch it for free on Kindle Unlimited.