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Teach Your Heart by Tracey Alvarez

Book Title: Teach Your Heart  Author: Tracey Alvarez  Genre: Contemporary Romance  Release Date: November 30 2016  Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions Some lessons are harder to learn than others…Doctor O-for-Awesome Owen Bennett is all about fixing broken things. Then the arrival of his orphaned nieces and nephew for twelve weeks causes his workaholic life to plummet into chaos. Hiring the beautiful but unpredictable Gracie Cooper as a live-in nanny might just get him out of a tight spot…or it could seduce him into a reckless affair.After four years flitting around Europe, waitress/dog-walker/au-pair Gracie Cooper has returned home to New Zealand. Her plans to hang out with her big brother change when Owen offers a perfect solution to her crippling university debt. In spite of her sexy-stick-in-the-mud boss, she’ll spend fun days playing in Bounty Bay’s sand and surf with three cute kids. At summer’s end she’ll follow the sun overseas again.Gracie and Owen’s opposites-attract connection…

Between the Raindrops by K Pinson

Between The Raindrops by K. Pinson Releasing January 16, 2017

* BLURB * Nevaeh Daniels isn't your typical twenty-four-year-old. She doesn't have life all figured out and quite frankly, she just doesn't give a damn. She parties too hard, cusses too much, and has no true direction in life. Her parents gave up on her long before and focus solely on her identical twin sister, perfection at its finest, Heaven Daniels. Well at least they did... until she commits suicide and puts the reputation of her family and herself at stake. Her parents refuse to go back to a life of squalor, so they devise a twisted plan. A plan to give Nevaeh a life she never thought she'd have; fortune, fame, and the love of fellow Hollywood hottie, Tate Monahugh. But he isn't the only one interested in getting inside her head and discovering her true being. Are the lifestyles of the rich and famous all they are really cracked up to be? Or will Nevaeh succumb to her old life of solitude and forge…

His Doll by Isabella Starling

Title: His Doll  Author : Isabella Starling  Therapist/Patient

“How does that make you feel, doll?”  Too young.  Too innocent.  Too pretty.  Too fucking off limits. And I don’t give a damn.  I may be a jackass.  I may be a pervert.  But she needs to belong to me.  She’s my patient and I’m supposed to help her.  I know how to do just that, even if she doesn’t like it at first. I’m going to make her my pretty little doll.

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