Veritas The Pharmacological Endgame - Book Review

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4 Stars

What if the magic pill to end obesity is discovered?  Imagine all the lives it will help and save!  If you cure obesity,  you cure a host of other maladies.  Cancer?  Diabetes?  Heart Disease?  I could go on and on.  But think for a moment who might NOT be happy about this?  The gyms?  Possible. Health Care?  Maybe.  Big Pharma?  You bet your life they would care.  With obesity, their bread and butter so to speak, they would be bankrupt or at least losing millions of dollars annually.  Someone has to keep this all in check and that is where Zeus comes in.

It's all about the bottom line, the dollar amount for the Big Pharma.  Not the humans, not the thousands of lives that they would save.  Nope.  Money, it makes the world go round.  So when the cure for obesity is found, a task force called Zeus steps in, to squash the information, the research and the people if need be.  Nothing can be leaked, nothing can hit the media.  It never happened, move along, nothing to see here.

I enjoyed this book very much!  I've never been big into conspiracy but the writing in this book makes it 100% believable.  The writing drew me in and made me part of the story.  Yes, I looked over my shoulder, yes I flinched when the phone rang.  Mr. Boccaletti wraps the story around you, he pulls you in and then casts you in the plot.  Can you survive?  There were parts where I held my breath and wondered, how could this happen?  But that's the beauty of the book, it's all reasonable.  There are things that are hidden from the general population every day.  Who's to say this hasn't already happened?