Twisted Fate by Emery Jacobs


One life changing choice…

Three lives.
Two love stories.
The past, the present...

When Piper Evans stumbled into Jack Alexander’s life he knew things were about to change. Her free spirit and noncommittal attitude left him wanting more. A lot more—he wanted forever. Unfortunately, forever becomes complicated when fate has other plans.

But that was years ago...

Still shattered by his guilt and self-destructive behavior, Jack lives his life in agony over the past - never embracing the present. But when Jovie Blake shows up, demanding a piece of his heart, the past that he thought he'd buried, comes crashing down around him. Forcing him to confront what he lost so long ago. 

Regret is inevitable, and no one’s heart is safe. Can fate be so twisted and cruel?

3.5 Stars

When a door closes another door opens and you never know who might be behind it.

Jack and Piper were an item in college. He loved her as much as she loved him. Or did she? 

Years later Jovie shows up and there is something about her. He can't put his finger on it, but there is something. Only he doesn't do relationships. He only does sex. And Jack wants it with Jovie in a bad way! Only Ivy his current FWB isn't having it. She is down right mean to Jovie every chance she gets and it's sad. If it's not Ivy it's Caleb, trying to ruin another one of Jack's relationships. 

Jovie is back home, attending school, and dealing with her problems. Then she meets Jack. All bets are off. He wants a no strings attached relationship. Strictly sex, she can do it. No problem. She's done it before. Then things change and Jack's past come blaring back. Can they survive? Will this break Jovie's heart? Will Jack be able to survive without Jovie?

This is a quick book. I finished it in less than a day. Well, written and good characters. However, I will say, I want more Ryker! Less Ivy! More Liam! And more Caleb. I want to see where this is going. Thankfully this is a series and we will get to see!!! WOO HOO!!

My only down side was the waiting around for the ball to drop. I wish it would have happened sooner and the resolution would have been better. I feel like Jovie ran away and stuck her head in the sand. The ending wrapped up to nicely and too quickly. I wanted, dare I say it, more angst!! This was BAM done, here is the bow and let's move on people, nothing to see!!