The Cloud by Taylor Hohulin


When the bomb dropped, everything changed.

Even worse than the mountains of salt where oceans used to be, worse than the armies of mercenaries, worse than HydroSystems Worldwide’s rise to power, was the Cloud.

In the area closest to the bomb’s blast, the very fabric of reality was damaged. The air there can steal a person’s humanity, even as it gives great power. The Cloud is home to a deadly cult and nightmarish creatures, and it is fifteen-year-old Ethan Denby’s only hope of survival. If he ever wants to make it home, he’ll have to go where he always knew his journey would end. He will have to go into the heart of the Cloud.

The Cloud is a post apocalyptic pirate adventure, equal parts Mad Max and Pirates of the Caribbean. It is the last book of The Marian Trilogy.

4 Stars

First off I can't believe this is the last book?  Are you serious?   Your shitting 
me right?  

I've been in a book slump, but then I picked up The Cloud. The 3rd book in The Marian series. It was like going back home, to my family. I missed the crew.

Ethan and his crew have a plan! Get to The Cloud, say some magical words, Alacazam, body swapping all around and BOOM everyone is happy. Seems simple, right? But you my friend are wrong. Oh so wrong. Nothing in this world is simple. It never it. Because right when you feel safe and secure and happy like a well-fed baby, there is a gut punch and the world goes black. Oh, it's no lights out by any means, it's a twist, that lures you in, taking you in a new direction, leading you down a new more hopeful path!

the shit has really hit the fan and things couldn't get much worse, or could they? What is the fate of the crew and the ship? This book had me on edge and I just couldn't put it down. At one point I was yelling at the book while reading, my mind was going in a million different directions with all the twists and turns. This book kept me engaged from chapter 1. Again, I was part of the crew, fighting to stay alive, fighting to keep other's alive!!