Levitate by Kaylee Ryan


Trust. Five Letters. One Word. 

I'm the girl who doesn't let anyone in. My world was shattered and turned upside down in one night. Since then I've been trying to live, if that's what you call it, but fighting the anxiety of what happened and trusting others is hard. Each day is a struggle to reach for the unknown.

Truth. Five Letters. One Word. 

I watched my father give my mother the world and the stars. She took everything from him, then left him as a broken man with nothing to live for. I told myself I'd never fall in love. I'm guarding my heart and emotions, only looking out for number one. The only way to have truth in any relationship is to stay true to yourself.

Just when you think you've got it all figured out, you realize your puzzle is unfinished. You find a piece you never thought you needed until everything changes with one touch.

After that...you levitate.

3.5 Stars

Max and Kens both have trouble backgrounds. No one is ever perfect, some of us just hide our misery better than others. Eventually, the curtain drops and you have to be real around people. So why not just be honest from the beginning?

Kens is still reeling from her mother's death. What could she have done differently? The guilt is building on Kens and she is tired of fighting. Max isn't the trusting type, girls are good for one thing and one thing only - sex. Then Kens and Max meet, it's nothing spectacular until they meet a second time. Then they are like magnets pulling at her other. Trying to heal each other and come together. But will fate allow it? Will Kens be able to drop her guard and share her past with Max? And will Max be able to see Kens for who she is and not a one night stand?

This is a quick read. I was really vested in this book from the beginning. I will admit around the middle I got bored with all the talk, for God sake, get to the action! When they did, I wanted hot unbridled passion and details. I got a sampling and a gloss over. UGH! I was left frustrated. That's my only gripe with the book. 

Kens and Max could be any two people in the world. You might even know people like them. They have deep chemistry and the supporting characters; Brighton and Nicole are great too! Even Kens dad is a great mix in the bunch. The ending was all HEA. I wanted a different ending, one that left it open to my imagination, not tied up in a pretty bow. It still ended well.