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Author Spotlight for Crystal Mary Lindsey

Today Spotlight is on Author Crystal Mary Lindsey, an author since 2012
who resides in Australia.

Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to answer
my questions.  

Books by Crystal Mary Lindsey

Twenty-seven-year-old Ariana Ross has not had an easy life. Orphaned at two after her parents are murdered, she is raised by her father’s family in Queensland, Australia. Ariana—who embraces spirituality and refuses to believe life is against her—eventually becomes a physician. Now, as Ariana heads to new beginnings at a medical practice in Gumbirra, Queensland, she hopes to broaden her horizons, tend to her patients with the help of God’s love, and leave her past behind. She has no idea how many surprises await to change her life forever.
After relocating, Ariana encounters Zane Lombardi, a handsome, angry stranger who leaves her heart thumping. It is only after another chance encounter with him that she realizes he is an emotionally scarred man who has lost his trust in women. Even so, the pair are so attracted to each other that it seems destiny dictates the potential for a relationship. As Ariana forges new friendships and heals her patients, Zane must reconcile his past as well as his relationship with God as he looks toward the future.
In this contemporary Christian tale, Ariana finds that her quest for a new beginning seems to be leading her to not only love, but also to an amazing discovery that may bring her inner peace at last.

Discovering TREASURE: A Christian ROMANCE to Stir Magic in the Mind ~ and Music for the Soul (Book #1  of Vision Valley series) by [Lindsey, Crystal Mary]

Discovering Treasure

Resembling another time and another place, the Australian Outback whisper’s its love song to the exotic French fashion houses of 1925, tugging a famous young woman back to its magical terrain where her soul seeks its desired fulfillment.

Treasure Gilroy was a famous model living in the heart of razzle-dazzle. Without notice she disappears from the opulent lifestyle and journeys back to a beautiful valley on the other side of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Outback Australia. Her special friend, Ella, a French hair coiffeur travels with her. There is a mysterious déjà vu connection between the two that will later come to light stunning both. Treasure meets Connor Latham, a returned World War I fighter pilot and passions fire. Will he let go of his pride and allow the charisma between them to flourish?
Will Treasure lose her heart completely? Well hidden family secrets are slowly discovered and skeletons in the closet lay bare. Finally Treasure gains understanding of the many uncertainties she has faced.
Treasure has been brought up without any knowledge of her Creator God or his son Jesus, so sees no necessity for him. Will she come to an understanding about GOD’s unconditional redeeming love for her? 

Cherished Encounter: An INSPIRATIONAL Doctor ROMANCE by [Lindsey, Crystal Mary]

Cherished Encounter

The Australian Outback with its unique landscape and strange terrain whispers love and romance to those brave enough to venture into its secret domain.
Dr. Ariana Ross leaves her past behind and forges a fresh start. Her journey takes her to a medical practice in an Outback country town, where her impact on many - brings surprises.
Passions explode when she meets Zane Lombardi, one hunk of gorgeous Italian male. Zane is a Christian and Apple Orchard owner. He is also strongly adverse to the wiles of designing women. Being hurt in the past, he is certain never to be trapped again.
On meeting Ariana, his animosity and rudeness cause angry sparks to fly. He soon realizes his misjudgement of this beautiful young woman.
The unusual phenomenon surrounding the spirited Ariana is that two Angels attend her. As her protectors and guides, she is constantly aware of them.
Taught to have faith in God from an early age, has strengthened this brave young woman to build a professional career for herself. She finds pleasure in healing and helping all who come within contact. Ariana will uncover her long-buried family secrets.

ABUSE BEATEN: From VICTIM to VICTOR by [Lindsey, Crystal Mary]

Abuse  Beaten

Have You Ever Lived In A SECRET Home With Invisible Bar's ?

COULD You Live In Fear Of Making Your Spouse Angry ?

A young innocent girl starved for affection meets a HANDSOME man,. Desiring for him to fill an emptiness in her life, she is willing to do anything for him. In her naivety she believes this will make him love her. His feelings for her, are POWER and LUST not LOVE! This man is a Narcissist and by remaining loyal to him she ultimately ends up suffering - COMPLETE BETRAYAL
* An abortion at sixteen
*Marriage to a man who only cares for himself
*Cultural diversity - Fear and shame used to control her
*Physical abuse - Beaten, and slapped
*Mental abuse -Self confidence and worth stripped away, followed by anxiety and fear
*Spiritual abuse - No spiritual freedom. Persecuted and ridiculed for her beliefs
*Witnesses the abuse of her children
*Aware of her husband’s unfaithfulness
In this story you will read how one lonely girl gets caught in a web of abuse by her husband. This is in a time when problems in the home were not spoken about so she doesn’t know where to turn. She is also scared to talk to authorities for fear of punishment.
God’s wisdom says, “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?” ”" 2 Corinthians 6:14 N.I.V.
Having suffered hurt and shame the author hopes by writing her story it will help others from falling into a similar trap. Although now is a different age in time with more education and discussion, abuse still thrives and women still remain silent. Cara escaped this marriage when she was almost fifty, going on to gain a professional career. Thus proving you are never too old to learn. The scars do remain however and she has had to battle her emotions, especially when made to feel inferior by others. She is now a retired Health Professional, Psychology and Bible college graduate. “With God all things are possible.” ”" Matthew 19:26

˃˃˃ Take Back Control Of Your Life : God Loves You.

SURE FIRE Self Help & Knowledge of Health Care.: Cost Effective by [Lindsey, Crystal Mary]


THIS BOOK supplies information to save you, STRESS, pain, and money. 
NO-ONE wants to hurt, contact a chronic illness, or PERHAPS die. 
Yet what you want never come into consideration. Sadly, accidents and sickness still happens.

Do you crave to come out of the DARKNESS of fear and into the LIGHT of understanding about how to get over health problems, double quick?

Forbidden Fruit TEMPTATION: Christian SPIRITUAL Romance (Vision Valley Series Book 2) by [Lindsey, Crystal Mary]Forbidden Fruit Temptation

Siva has grown-up in the wild Australian Outback with its unique customs, people, and landscape that whispers love and romance into her soul from its immense terrain.  

This free-willed young woman has loved her neighbor Declan Callahan from an early age. After years apart both return to their families in an Australian Outback town. Declan remembers Silva as his best friend Adam’s nuisance little sister. Now she is nineteen and home from a French finishing school. He is thunderstruck by her beautiful transformation of a desirable young woman. Declan, having completed his law degree is back at the family property for a short visit. Silva and any feelings of love are forbidden to him as his duty lies elsewhere beyond romantic attachment. This story will lead you through - desire, determination, devotion, protection, sacrifice, devastation, and love that will Burn, as Strong as Fire.

Stir Your Fire and BUY

 Romance dances in the mind of author Crystal Mary Lindsey. Living in the Land Down Under - she enjoys placing her fantasies on paper to stir the hearts of other dreamers. 
Her medical knowledge comes from professional experience (BSN) and her Christian understanding as a Bible College graduate. 
Crystal lives with her American husband in the sub tropics of Queensland, Australia, amid mango, avocado, and sugar cane plantations. She is a mother of four and grandmother of ten. 

Contact information

Q What's your inspiration? 
A. God's word every day. Knowing that I am a child of the King and that he loves me and knows me and that as such, I am a princess from a royal generation who will inherit eternal life with him.

Q What are you currently reading?
A. Actually I am currently writing my sixth book which should be out by the end of this month (A Plastic Surgeon Romance). The last book I read, a couple of weeks back was The Elixor by Lori Soard ( A Murder Mystery) not my usual read but not gruesome and very enjoyable.  

Q When did you know that you wanted to be a writer?
A. I suffered a bad fall with a knee injury that hindered my mobility. The result of this was having to retire as an Emergency Room R.N.  Knowing I needed to keep my mind active, my son suggested I write a Blog. I found this to be good therapy and I met many other interesting on-line bloggers. One day the idea for a story began to form and my first book, Cherished Encounter, the story of a female doctor eventuated.  Through my stories I give lots of little medical advice with an inspirational Christian flavour and accentuate with sweet clean romance. My own motto is: A Wise Writer uses her Gift to Inspire the Reader.

Q Best writer advice you received?
A.Set a dramatic pace and avoid melodrama.  Don't waffle on.


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