White Winter By DJ Bodden


White Winter picks up 5 days after Black Fall ended. Now a probationary enforcer with the Agency, Jonas can finally take time to process what happened to him and get back to being a regular teenager.

Just kidding. It's the end of the world and Jonas is in the driver's seat. More rogues, more bullets, more explosions, and more dog jokes. Gunplay and swordplay. A grudge-match 4000 years in the making. Follow Jonas, Kieran, Eve, and the rest of the team as they put down a supernatural insurgency and pave the way to the Balance in ash, blood, and bone.

5 Stars

I really dicked around reading this book, because 
I didn't want to be done.  
The next book, Red Spring isn't out yet.
Mr. Bodden when is it coming out?  WHEN?!

Another action packed, fast paced, epic read by DJ Bodden.

Black Alice is running the Agency, she has Jonas, Eve,
and Keiran working as enforcers.
They are to make sure things don't go down the tubes.
Or at least trying to make sure things don't go down the tubes. 

Again Mr. Bodden has put you in the thick of events.
You're not just reading the words, you are 
living within the pages of the book.
You are a part of the Agency.
Helping to keep order.
That's what I love about these books.

Story lines from book 1 - Black Fall
are carried over.  Relationships are built.  
Friendship and bond are created.

The one liners in these books are great too!
They break up the seriousness and show you
that they are just kids.

I love this series!  

I could go on and on about this series,
but I won't.
You need to read it for yourself.