The Wish and The Waterfall by KB Bachelder


When troubled teen Willoughby Baxter moves to the small Oregon logging community of Spirit Falls he finds nothing but disappointment and emotional strife as he struggles living in the larger-than-life shadow of his deceased father. Bullied, misunderstood, and failing to live up to anyone’s expectations he turns to the only person who seems to understand any part of what he is going through—a towering and formidable man named Jake Thompson. A Klamath Indian and reformed alcoholic, it is Jake’s stories of his ancestor’s sacred and spiritual ties with the land around the Baxter farm and Spirit Falls that compel Willoughby to visit the waterfall and unintentionally change his destiny. 
What starts as a story about a slight teen-age boy trying to come to terms with the past and find a place to fit into the present transforms into a tale of struggle for survival in a harsh reality where nothing is as it once was. 

4 Stars

This is an amazing story of survival and life. 
Willoughby needs a firm hand to guide him into the next chapter of his life.
He finds that hand with Jake Thompson, a local Native America who tells Willoughby about the Spirit Falls. 
You travel through time with Willoughby, you battle great forces and come out learning a lesson and gaining a step in the right direction. Can he alter his path and change his destiny? Only time will tell.

This is a well written book and yes there is a cliffhanger - darn you! But it is worth it. This is adventure at your hands, taking you on a magical ride and then placing you back in your chair to wonder, was it all read or a dream? I still don't know. But I'm ready for book #2!

PS - I gave the book to my grandma to read and she LOVED it. Raves about it to anyone who will listen. She is chomping at the bit for book #2!!