OBX Books

While I was in the OBX getting my tan on.  Because here in Hershey, PA the sun stops shining Labor Day weekend and fall sets in.  Yes, I'm glad the bugs are gone, no I'm not glad the sun is gone.  The pools are closed and it's PUMPKIN everything - GAG!

Anyhow, I picked up a magazine, Outer Banks This Week, while in Angelo's pizzaria - shout out!  Love your pizza! - there was an article that caught my eye.  Novels set in the OBX.   I read the article.  Of course the one everyone know is the Nicholas Sparks book Rodanthe.  Yes I've seen the house, no I'm not impressed.  It's a house on the beach - YEAH!  But what about the other books?  What about the murder/mystery books?  What about love books?  Yes, there are those books set right here in the OBX!  50+ books.  WOW!!

I have read the books on hauntings, myths, and lore of the OBX.  All about pirates gold and how spirits are walking among us all.  I love those books and every time I'm down, I'll search for a new one.  Yes, I was able to find one again this year.  In fact, no matter where I go, I will look for haunting type books.

The last pages shows 15 books.  My mom and I went to Buxton Village Books and picked up the 5 we thought sounded great to read.  We picked up The Sea Keeper's Daughter, Buffalo City Moonshine Murders, The Prayer Box, and Surfmen.  I will let you know how these go.  Right now my Grandma has them.  She wanted to read them before I did, so we can gab back and forth and compare notes.