Black Fall by DJ Bodden


Jonas Black is a typical 16 year old, except for his lucid dreams, reclusive mother, and the two hulking bodyguards who walk him to school. When his father disappears, he's forced to enter a dangerous, supernatural world hidden in modern day Manhattan, all while trying to come to grips with his unique heritage and keeping his battered MP3 player working. In the process, he'll beat down a long-dead Frenchman, talk to a woman who has no tongue, find out what human ash tastes like, and learn to make friends who don't want to kill him. The odds are against him, but he has a plan; if he's lucky, he might even survive.

A high-paced supernatural thriller with strong male and female characters, century-old feuds, and dark humor, Black Fall is the first of four books in the Black Year saga by D.J. Bodden.

5 Star

I loved this fucking book.  Am I allowed to say that?  Hell yes I am, this is my blog!
I Loved this fucking book!

This book starts off at a nice pace, hooks you, then it starts plowing forward
and drags you along for a GREAT ride.
Yes, this is a YA vampire book, but a kick ass story.
I was off vampire books for a long time, but this story renewed my 
interest and my thirst for more!

Jonas is a run of the mill kid, he has a girlfriend who is always annoyed with him,
his parents are always working.  Now his dad is gone and his mom 
has locked herself in their room.
Grieving?  Who knows.

Then she springs it on him.
They are not normal.  Not normal human's that is.
Blood suckers.
Blinding Speed.
Avoid sun.

As fast as Jonas learns about what is going on around him, you 
are yanked into the story too. 
You learn as he learns. 
You figure things out together. 
He has this weight over his head, since his parents are Alice and Victor Black.
Everyone expects so much from him.
He just wants to live his life.
But can he?

With the help of his motley crew of werewolves, a specter, hunters, and a vamp
can he foil the Academy and save his parents?
Not to much pressure right?
If anyone can do it, it's Jonas.

I loved each and every one of the characters, they were a few, but
they were so well written that it was easy to read.  
Jonas is a typical high school kid, Alice Black is a ball buster, 
Eve is all sorts of pissed off but in a good way. 
Keiran, white wolf - HELLO!  He has a lot resting on his shoulders.
Doris, amazing.  She is sneaky that one!
Fangston, to be honest, I wasn't sure about him at first.  
Even Amelia the pissy girlfriend was a typical teen.  You 
could find her in any high school
Like I said, all the characters were amazing.

Some of the one liners in this book were great!  The wolves trading 
red riding hood jokes.  Or referencing the time of the month for the
full moon.  Hysterical.

Not all serious, even though at the end I held my breath trying to figure
out if everyone was going to make it. 
Action packed, great story, plot twists, amazing characters...
Please excuse me, I need to go grab book #2 White Winter!