There are three. 

Each wear the mask of death and each have a reason to kill him. One he already has hidden in a place where no one will ever get to her. In a hell he created himself solely to destroy them. 

There were two. 

Each with the same face, same mind, same purpose in life. One died at a young age and the other hid the secret for as long as he could. But vengeance is near and there's nowhere to hide.

There is one. 

Driven by madness; the evil that lurks within. He knows that the only way to survive those who wish to see him dead is to play the game as they would have it. 

Rules were meant to be broken. 
Lives were meant to end. 
He was meant to be their prey, but the darkness has taken over and the only way to escape the past is to destroy their future.

3.5 Stars

I read this over my lunch break. 
It's a quick read because you won't be able to put it down. 

Chess is a very intricate game. It's about pieces and placement. About key elements and being able to control the pawns around you. Imagine being a human in a game of chess ruled by the King. You do his dirty work, while he sits back and barks orders. You take the hits, his hands remain clean. What if, on an off chance the Queen see's this and steps in. She see's what the King is doing and speaks to you, the pawn and opens your eyes? Is all hope still lost? Are you too far down the rabbit hole?

While I did enjoy this book, I will admit I couldn't connect with any of the characters. And yes this book is dark and macabre, but I'm not sure why it was banned. I've read worse. Shit I've seen worse on the nightly news. This is a dark, thriller, filled with suspense. It will keep you on your toes. I think this could be GREAT with more character background.

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