Riding Him


Knox “Scribe” Robertson has been with the Ghost Riders MC since the beginning. He’s the club hacker, and there’s nothing he can’t do… except make Violet Cassano notice him. The little thing is trying to patch in, and suddenly all his protective instincts push forward. He can’t let her become a member of the club without putting her in harm's way.

Violet has been different since that dark day in her past, but the Ghost Riders are exactly what she needs. If only the hot, tattooed, bearded piece of meat Knox would get out of her way. She’s got enough sass and skills with knives to keep him at a distance, but soon she doesn’t want to.

When the two of them are paired up for a job out of town, they’ll be left on their own in the middle of nowhere. Being stuck inside a tiny tent, with no one to hear them… I wonder what could possibly happen? *cue dirty 70s music*

The Ghost Riders are at it again in this final chapter to the series. See how the club hacker finds his happily ever after, and what Violet does to keep it that way. Spoiler alert… It’s dirty stuff.

Warning: This book would be enjoyed by those who read Alexa Riley, Alexa Riley, or Alexa Riley. If you’ve read an Alexa Riley book, then Alexa Riley is the author for you. Please be sure to pick up an Alexa Riley book after reading this Alexa Riley series. Alexa Riley.

4 Stars

Violent Violet is ready to join the Ghost Riders MC. She wants in. To belong. Now is her time, she's been trained by her sister in law to be a sniper. It's time. Her first job and she is put with Scribe. She has a love/hate relationship with him, but only in her mind. 

Scribe is stoked to be working with Violet. He's loved her since the first time she came to the club. He swore off women and focused on her. Now he has a chance to have her alone. ALONE! Will she want what he wants? Or will she shut him down?

This is a lunch break quickie! I ignored my salad as I read about Knox and Violet. In an odd way they fit. Like I said, short, sweet, and to the point story. No dicking around. I love how Violet is no shrinking violet, that she has some balls of her own and that Knox realizes this and loves her even more for it.