Love Child


Abel Lockwood would do anything to become a father—including hiring a company that matches donor mothers with prospective fathers. Love Child caters to wealthy bachelors who’ve been unsuccessful in creating a family through traditional means. Despite Love Child being an unconventional route to take, the conception takes place exactly the way nature intended. 

Nearing forty and still single, Abel has accepted he won’t meet the right woman to marry and have a family with, so Love Child is his last hope for becoming a father. He’s gone through the files of the potential donors and handpicked one perfect candidate to create his baby with. 

The moment he comes face to face with Adeline Matthews, Abel knows she’s the one. But not just the one he’s hoping to make a baby with. She’s the one he’s hoping to create a family with.

3.5 Stars

What's a man to do when he wants a child, but can't find the right baby momma? Sperm donation is easy, but finding the right woman to bear his children? Abel goes to the best and finds Adeline Matthews. She is perfect, everything he could imagine. She is the mother to his children. She is the vessel that with bring forth the next generation.

Adeline is 99% sure that Abel is the man she will pick. After meeting him she is 100% sure he is the man. When the terms of their arrangement change, will Adeline be able to protect herself and her heart? And what will he think when he finds out her secret? Will he freak? Or back out?

This is a quick story. You can feel the instant spark that they have, it's a rush. I wasn't expecting some of the things that happen. But it all fit in perfectly. I had a hard time believing something about Abel, but if he's married to the company then maybe. But still. That was my only eye rolling moment. 

There is a HEA at the ending. No cliff hangers, no what if's. All is right with the world in this book. But it needs to be for Adeline and Abel. They deserve to be happy.