James Journey

James' Journey: The Interlude (The Master of Whitehall Book 5) by [Veal, RIck H.]

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“This then is the story of my life and how I came to be what I am …” 

In this highly anticipated final installment, James Thomas Dubois, The Master of Whitehall himself, narrates his tale and brings the classic love story of the epic saga full circle. James recounts his journey, born in eighteenth century colonial Charles Towne and raised to be a planter like his father before him. Share in the joy when he marries the love of his life, making him complete. Suddenly widowed at the height of his happiness, he spirals helplessly into the depths of endless grief. Stand fascinated with him when Charlotte Ann bestows upon him the Gift of Life and reveals the true Fountain of Youth. Travel with him across the centuries as his transformation from human to vampire; untrained fledgling to powerful immortal unfolds. The story of James’ life, both mortal and immortal, illustrates the role Fate plays as it guides him toward that one special day in the twenty-first century that will forever change his life, and finally fulfill his destiny.


5 Stars

An intimate look at the Master of Whitehall, James Thomas Dubois.
This is his story, how he became who he was, how his life and those around him have changed.
What happened to his family?  what happened to his life?  What happened to time?

James travels abroad for business and for personal reasons.  He needs to escape.  It is in Europe that he meets Charlotte.  She changes his life forever, giving him a precious gift that he welcomes.  Immortality is a gift to James, a gift he will not squander.  Life goes on around him, people come and go, countries change.  Returning home, he realizes that he needs to focus on Whitehall, bringing back the grandeur of his home back.  Thinking he will never love again, he is blown away when he meets Katelyn.

This is the 5th  book in the series.  You could read this as a stand alone, by why? Read all 5 vampire stories, fall in love with them all, and then come to conclusion after you read James' history.

I am sad that the story is over.  James' story is not easy to read.  There are parts, that tore my heart out and made me so sad for him.  I think in the end he did pretty well.