Day 6 - Challenge

Man this is getting old and it's only day 6!  BLAH!  I have no stamina.  *SIGH*

My dream job?

Event planner! 

How to become an event planner step by step:

You were expecting me to say something bookish.  Fooled you!  I'm a well rounded woman.  I enjoy many things, but nothing quite like planning an event!  I love planning thing. Anything.  Birthday parties, showers, weddings, book parties!  Anything.  I love the details, making everything come together.  Seeing people happy.  Celebrating a milestone.  Being around all that happiness.  Taking the stress off the woman, lets be real, men plan nothing.  She should be able to enjoy the event too and not worry about more napkins, or drinks, or where the hell the band is.  Let that up to me!  

What's your dream job?