Day #2 - Blog Challenge

Daily Routine
Drink some coffee, put on gangster-rap, and handle it.:

That would be great!!  I wish it was that simple and maybe, just maybe it is.

I'm a creature of habit, much like a cat.
Man I'm boring!  UGH!  I need to switch it up a little bit.
If you have any suggestions please let me know.

5:20am - wake up
5:25 to 6:30 - read
6:30 - 7 - get myself ready for work
7-8am - drive to work.  I listen to music, not a book on tape.
8am - 1pm - work
1pm - 2pm - lunch.  Reading, soaking up vitamin D, and eating all at once if possible.
2pm - 4pm - more work.
4pm - 5pm - drive home.
5pm - 6pm - mail, bills, prep dinner, pet cat, listen to messages, return calls
6pm - 630pm - dinner
630pm - 9pm - stuff around my cottage, dishes, laundry, drink a beer or have some wine, sit outside.  Try to relax and destress - if possible.  Yoga if I have a class.
9pm - 12am - reading.

My life is pretty boring.  It's the same routine Monday thru Friday.  On the weekends it's a little different.  I wake up when ever I wake up and I don't read as much.  Only because, Saturday morning I go to the farmer's market and get my food for the week and then run to the butcher for my grass fed meat.  Next time I go I'll take pictures for you guys to see!!  I love all the colors and the people at the farmer's market.  It's so great there!

This weekend will be a free for all, with picnics, book club, and just relaxing by the pool.  I'm hoping to get into a book and finish it up, since it's a long weekend.