Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Bad King - Book Review


Thane Carter Kingsley IV lives for business. So when his parents threaten to turn over control of the Kingsley empire to his younger brother if he doesn't settle down, he knows just what to do. They don't care that the socialites they’ve picked are gold diggers, they just want him married. So King decides to find the fiancée of his parents' nightmares. 

And where better to find a wife than a place like Club Prestige...  

Olivia Reyes has finally built a better life. She’s a proud business owner and almost out of debt. Her childhood sweetheart, Bennett Alexander, is the perfect man for her but she hasn't convinced him… yet. But she will. 

After she takes one last job. 

Here’s your key to an exclusive world.
A place where anything goes and your darkest desires await.
Only the world’s elite are invited.
Pain. Pleasure. Prestige.

Liv is a co-owner of a sex club that caters to the wealthy. Her rooms are in high demand because the men get what they want. EVERYTHING they want. Hosting a party, she meets King. A well-known businessman who offers her a proposition. One that she can't refuse, no matter what.

King is used to getting his way. He wants it, it's his. Even with Liv. She is the means to his end. His parents want him to marry in order to keep running the business. The business he was groomed for. now they want to throw it all away and hand it over to his lazy brother. Over King's dead body. Marriage it will be. Only by his rules. Liv is perfect, oh so perfect!

This was a quick read. There is chemistry between King and Liv. Both have family issues that they need to deal with. Plus Liv is hell bent on shaking up with her bff Bennett, who is oblivious to her. Liv keeps that torch burning for Bennett - sad waste of time. When King and Liv come together it's awkward at best. She's not from a wealthy family like his, but she is a trust fund baby determined to make it on her own. King is making it on his own too, just in a different way. 

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