Tangled Sin - Book Review


In a world of encroaching darkness and carnal hunger, a deadly sin awakens…

Bound to a legacy he cannot escape, Riley is a demon unlike any other. With each passing century, his soul grows darker until the seductive trouble-magnet, Saia Sen-Grayson, stumbles into his path and throws his entire world off kilter. But danger has a way of finding him and destroying anything worthwhile in his life.

The biggest challenge in Saia’s life is evading her matchmaking socialite mother. Then she crashes into the sexiest man in her aunt’s building. One look into his striking green eyes and her fleeing days skid to a halt, except she gets more than she bargains in the sexy, tattooed bartender.

And neither can deny the burning attraction between them.

When his tainted past closes in on him, Riley’s forced to make the toughest decision ever to keep her safe. Then Saia’s hauled by a deadly adversary into his dark and treacherous world of Stygia—a place of old betrayals. Now Riley must face his past and accept his future in order to save the woman who belongs to him.

But danger comes in many forms and the one least expected might be the sin that seals their fates once and for all…

4 Stars

Riley is a demon.  He was banished by his sire for being a late bloomer.  He is no longer a late bloomer, but has no desire to return to Hell and his sire.  He will fight with his last breathe to never return to Hell.  But when Saia is kidnapped and taken to Hell, he must go and rescue her.  He can't just abandon her.  He needs and wants her.  Can he have her?  To keep her safe, he'll sacrifice himself.

I flew this book.  Eating it up and Riley at the same time!  HOT!  There are some pretty hot scenes in the book.  

Georgie Lyn Hunter really used her imagination when it came to Hell.  She really weaved a great story that will pull you in and make you part of it.  I'll be sure to pick up other books by Ms. Hunter!