Nerd Girl Problem...

Yep!  I can totally relate to this today.  I got to work, laid my bags down, picked up my book, headed for coffee.  Sat and read while the decaf dripped- yes, I drink decaf, but that's an entirely different blog post!  All the while I read.  At some point a coworker came in, tapped on the table.   Asking me what I'm reading, so I help up my book but kept reading.  My coworkers were taught not to interupt me when I have a book or kindle in my hands.  You want to talk books, I'm all for that, but not while I'm reading, please.  Catch me when I'm heading for my water break.

I love sharing what I'm reading with people and right now I'm heavily into the 5th Wave by Rick Yancey.  This book has been patiently waiting for me to read it for awhile now.  Two days ago I started this gem and can't put it down.  Yes it's YA and it's Science Fiction.

The movie came out in January, to not much fanfare.  After I read the book, I will surely watch the movie.