First and Goal - Book Review


Eva Papageorgiou has one goal: to make it through her senior year of high school unseen and unscathed. But when her strategy to stay out of the limelight is derailed by rampant rumors, she’s forced to change tactics. Her new game plan is to keep everyone at arm’s length. Especially boys. So when she’s partnered up in class with the hot as hell varsity quarterback, she pushes and pushes.

Until he pushes back.

Rob Falls just wants to fit in. With his teammates, with his friends, with everyone. His image as the quintessential jock makes him feel like a fraud. Especially since it’s the only reason all the girls at school want him, except the one girl he dreams about. She wants nothing to do with him. When he’s forced to tutor the class pariah, he realizes it’s time to get in the game instead of standing on the sidelines.

She’s going to help him get exactly what he wants, whether she knows it or not.

Life doesn’t come with a playbook, but Rob knows this could be the most important play he’ll ever make.

First and Goal is book one in The Moving the Chains series. It ends on a cliffhanger.

Second Down: Coming late 2016.
Third and Long: Coming early 2017.
Fourth and Inches: Coming late 2017.

The Moving the Chains series is recommended for mature readers due to strong language, sexual content, and potential emotional triggers.

4.5 Stars

The perfect song for this book is 

Lets be still by Lyrics

I rushed to make a touchdown with this book!

Men, want to know how to score a lady? Read this book!

I couldn't put it down. Life was getting in the way. My car was inspected this morning in record time, why couldn't they find a problem so I could sit and read longer?! *SIGH*

At this point I don't know what to say, because I don't want to give anything this is tough.

Ever have a dream guy/girl? Yeah we all have. What if you had a chance with them? You'd take it in a heart beat right, even if it meant you'd still just end up as friends. Better than nothing right? Right.

Eva met Rob in 9th grade, he was shy and awkward, she liked that about him. Things changed, he grew into a man. He grew into a jock, who was out of Eva's league. While she became a scapegoat from a loser. In all that time Rob never once believe the rumors about Eva. He knew. When Eva needs help, Rob is selected to help tutor her. This is his chance, this is his foot in the door. Alone time with his girl!!

Things are tough for Rob, Eva's guard is up and she protects herself. She has to. No one can get in anymore. Her heart is in a castle. Her only defense is a good offense. What she doesn't anticipate is Rob. Sweet, caring, kind Rob. (I want a Rob!) He is everything she needs and wants. But won't admit to it. She is guarded and careful with him. Can Rob break down the barrier she has erected @ her heart?

The ending totally freaked me out. I was NOT prepared for that. Harmless guy! Pfft. I was patiently waiting for my, I mean their HEA. I think my tears are going to create a landslide.

This is a YA/Teen there is some adult language and some topics that are brought up.

I was never 100% clean if anything truly bad happened to Eva, I wanted to believe it didn't and that Rob was building a mountain out of mole hill. Another thing for me, Rob apologizing as much as he did. I get that he was trying to win her over, I get that, but he needed to stop apologizing over every little thing that he did. At some point Eva needs to take responsibility and she does at the end of the book.

All in all a good solid book that needs to be on your TBR list.