Coming to Hale - Book Review

The only time she trusted someone with her heart, she was just a girl; he betrayed her and left her humiliated. Since then, Lorali Bennett has let that moment in time dictate her life. 

Ian Hale, sexy as sin business mogul, has never had more than a passing interest in any particular woman, until a chance encounter with Lorali, leaves a lasting mark on him. 

Their fast paced romance is one for the record books, but what will happen when Ian’s secrets come to light? Especially when those secrets will cost her everything she spent years trying to rebuild. 

This is a standalone contemporary novel. The next book in the Hale series is Alexa and Garrett’s story: Begging for Hale. 

Recommended for readers 18 and up due to strong language and explicit sexual content. 

4 stars

Lorali is an up and coming journalist. Ok maybe not, but she is a journalist, just to the dead of Denver, Colorado. Her boss gives her a chance to swing with the living, sending her to a high society charity event, where she runs into Ian Hale - again. This time, he makes a move, only to have her walk away.

Ian Hale is one of Denver's top sexiest singles. Land him and you land a God! He is fascinated by Lorali. She is beautiful, sassy, and smart. He can't stop thinking, no lusting about her and wants her. Tracking her down was easy, getting her into his bed easy, but getting her to open up and allow him into her heart, hard. Lorali makes Ian work for it. She's not handing her heart over on a silver platter. No way!

I liked the story, but I wanted a better back story for Lorali. It was sad, but it wasn't life altering, at least not to me. Maybe I'm jaded by life, but it seemed childish. What I liked about the book, it had me hooked from the first chapter. How Ian and Lorali interact, they are like magnets. Always a pulling force towards each other. Crushing! 

The characters, event the supporting cast are well written and I can't wait to read the next book in the series! Bring it on!!