The Warrior Prophet - Blog Tour/Guest Post

The Warrior Prophet (The Watcher Saga #3) by Lisa Voisin
Release Date: April 13, 2016
Publisher:  Inkspell Publishing

Mia Crawford is a prophet.

She can see angels. She also sees demons. Everywhere.

The angels are preparing for war to get her fallen angel boyfriend, Michael, back. A war that could take years.

Haunted by visions of Michael's soul being tortured, Mia can't rest until she knows he's safe.

To save him, she must make an impossible journey through Hell with the one person she prayed she'd never see again.


Millennia ago, he fell from heaven for her.

Can he face her without falling again?

Fascinated with ancient civilizations, seventeen-year-old Mia Crawford dreams of becoming an archaeologist. She also dreams of wings—soft and silent like snow—and somebody trying to steal them.

When a horrible creature appears out of thin air and attacks her, she knows Michael Fontaine is involved, though he claims to know nothing about it. Secretive and aloof, Michael evokes feelings in Mia that she doesn’t understand. Images of another time and place haunt her. She recognizes them—but not from any textbook.

In search of the truth, Mia discovers a past life of forbidden love, jealousy and revenge that tore an angel from Heaven and sent her to an early grave. Now that her soul has returned, does she have a chance at loving that angel again? Or will an age-old nemesis destroy them both?

Ancient history is only the beginning.

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Now that she’s found him again, all Mia Crawford wants is some downtime with her fallen angel boyfriend, Michael. But the call of duty keeps him away—from school and from her—with more demons to smite than ever.

When Michael is mortally wounded by a cursed sword, Mia must perform an ancient blood ritual to save him. But the spell exacts a price. Haunted by visions of war, torture, and despair, Mia discovers the world is in more danger than she ever imagined. Behind the scenes, an evil adversary pulls all the strings.

After redemption, there’s Hell to pay.

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Guest  Post

What inspires you?
I’m inspired by so many things. I could go into instances that have inspired me, tales where people have overcome obstacles and accomplished great things. But overall, I’m inspired by the better parts of our nature as human beings, and what makes us reach for them. Here are some of the many things that inspire me:

Some people seem to handle things with a certain elegance or grace that I find remarkable. It could be grace under pressure, when things are going wrong, but there will be one person who seems to be able to hold it together. I greatly admire that ability.

I heard somewhere that witnessing a sincere act of kindness increases our serotonin levels. Kindness is beautiful. It takes great courage and strength to be kind in this world.

From kindness we can also get mercy. When someone saves an animal or person in need. Or gives a starving child food. Or the hero of the story forgives his enemy after defeating him/her and offers redemption. These acts of mercy.

It may seem strange that after kindness and mercy, I would also be inspired by ferocity, because we often associate it with harshness or cruelty. But the ferocity that I find inspirational is the true grit that people find when they have to endure or accomplish something important. It may be for the greater good. Or simply to survive incredible odds. It reminds me of the kind of ferocity you see in animals when they are protecting their young. There’s a love component to it.

I love it when a criminal is exposed, when the truth is found out, when the bad guy in the movie or book is caught.

Last, but not least, is love. Love inspires me most of all. Often, in story, it is told in the form of love between partners of the same or different sex. But I am inspired by all kinds of love. The love of family, of lifelong friends, of our pets. Love of humanity (and may be expressed as kindness or mercy), or a love of nature, or of life itself.

A Canadian-born author, Lisa Voisin spent her childhood daydreaming and making up stories, but it was her love of reading and writing in her teens that drew her to Young Adult fiction.

Lisa is also a technical writer, a meditation teacher with the Training in Power Academy, and the leader of the Young Writer’s Club, a local writing group for teens in her home town. A self-proclaimed coffee lover, she can usually be found writing in a local cafĂ©. When she's not writing, you'll find her meditating or hiking in the mountains to counteract the side effects of drinking too much caffeine!

Though she’s lived in several cities across Canada, she currently lives in Vancouver, B.C. with her fiancĂ© and their two cats.

More about Lisa can be found on her web site: or blog: