Monday, May 2, 2016

The Sunday Arrangement - Book Review


Passionate and erotic, the star-crossed love affair in The Sunday Arrangement will thrill and surprise you.

Lauren Hart is an ambitious, career-driven woman hell bent on taking over her father's company, Hart Corp.

For years, her sole focus has been the business. It isn't until she's forced to work side-by-side with the man she's always considered her nemesis that she begins to realize there's been very little life and breath in her days.

Pierce Maverick awakens a ravenous beast inside Lauren, a beast to whom she willingly gives the reins every Sunday.

Under the guidance of Pierce's talented hands, Lauren comes to know pleasure in ways she'd only dreamed about.

But pleasure often comes with a price, and the price Lauren may have to pay could destroy everything she's spent her life building - as well as a relationship she's only begun to comprehend.

3 stars

Disclaimer - this is a CLIFF HANGER!!!

The rivalry goes back to their parents, but it still is part of them. 

Lauren likes her low profile life. She's dealt with scandal before and doesn't want to face it again. Her BFF Kat is always there to help her out. 

Lauren and Pierce are working on a hotel together. Only how she treats him causes a problem. Pierce tries with Lauren. He tries to win her over, but it's been ingrained in her that the Maverick's are nothing but trouble. Then they head to Vegas to start their joint project. Pierce is direct with Lauren, letting her know, how he feels. An arrangement is agreed upon. Fantasies are acted out, things get twisted and turned. They danced to close to the edge of the fire and get burned. 

When the truth comes out, Lauren is shocked. She is torn between loyalty to her family/business or protecting herself. 

I wasn't sure of this book at first. I kind of figured that Lauren was struggling with her sexuality, but it becomes apparent that she isn't. She knows what she likes and is willing to act them out. Pierce is a hard read. I can't figure him out. I think he likes Lauren, but I'm not sure. I think a part of him does like her, but he is protecting himself too. 

Lucas, the chef. He and Lauren needed to hook up afterwards. It was there for the taken and I hoped it would happen. Disappointed. 

There isn't much of a plot, but enough of one that it isn't just sex all the time.
But the plot felt weak.
I was worried there was going to be a bombshell about 
who fathered who.  But nothing that exciting happened.
This is nothing like 50, Lauren is an adult and so is Pierce.
There is no question as to what they are doing.

The reason this wasn't a 4+ read is because of the ending.  It seemed a little predictable with all the animosity. It was easy to read/see coming.
I guess I wanted more drama and maybe I'll get that in book #2, which I 
will be picking up!

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