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One woman. Two men. They are roommates… and they want to fuck her.
She’s just been dumped, so of course doing something spontaneous is first on the list.
What’s more spontaneous than a threesome with the neighbors that crave her?
That’s right. Nothing.

Book Review
3 Stars

Paulina was just dumped by her boyfriend of two years.  Two years wasted on a chump, who wants to live like a college boy!

Happily, Paulina has two hot neighbors who are willing to make her feel special.  Robb and George are more than willing to take her into their bed and show her just how amazing she is.  

Only Paulina decides that afterwards, she only want to see one, rather than both again.
Will he go for it?  Will the other one be upset?  Jealous?  Angry?

Lots of sex in this book. Not much of a plot.
Fast paced, I finished it over my lunch break.  
For being a novella it was good, but something was missing. 
I never bought the connection between Paulina and George.
They had hot sex, but that seemed like it.  

Looking for a quickie this is it.  In more ways than one!  :-)

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Saige writes really kinky erotica. Her stories ALWAYS have hot, dominant men included in plots that would probably never happen in real life. When she isn't writing, she's either reading or baking.

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